Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The demons of a bad job are exorcised at last

I had a job in my beloved downtown Oakland - I worked on the 25th floor overlooking beautiful Lake Merritt. It was awesome until I got out of orientation and had my first meeting with my boss - a hairy ogre of a man stuck in the 1980s - complete with Tom Selek mustache. Long story short: it lasted just a few months before I bailed on that sorry excuse for a human being. Every morning I would walk by this concrete slab you see pictured. I would walk by on my way to the neighboring Cathedral of Christ the Light to pray for my sanity and well being before entering the lion's den. On one morning I saw that someone had written a beautiful bible verse on the slab with an industrial grade sharpie. By lunchtime it had been hastily painted over by the minions of the monolithic 26-story tower of politics and indecision. That told me everything I needed to know about the next door neighbor to God's house in downtown Oakland. I would return 3 months later (to the day) for my kids' Rite of Election for their first communion at Easter. The slab was still there, painted many times over and I thought: what a difference 3 months - and perspective - can make! I'm now blissfully employed a few miles from home at a place where people respect me and allow me to be myself. Thank God ... always and forever.

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