Friday, December 14, 2012

PORTLAND, Oregon - Bread City USA

All my life I've dreamed of going to Portland, since I was a boy, and I don't know why. I envisioned this enchanted land of Oz, a dark skyline of a city reflected by the moonlight in a wavy mirror image on the waterfront. There is one thing I learned and that is the Portlandian colloquialism "Put a bird on it."

It all came true this week, as I took a whirlwind tour of 4 bread manufacturing plants in 2 days and 1 night ... and oh yeah, there was a triple homicide/suicide at the mall across the street from my hotel. Thank God I didn't check in until 9 o'clock at night. Hours earlier the busy cross section of an overpass and freeway was crawling with cops that shut down a busy mall at Christmas time due to the murders.

More to come on this enchanting trip to a crunchy, grainy, and rainy land of great pub food and even better beers. Portland is definitely Bread City USA, if you're into the whole streusel-topped breakfast bread thing.

 ... IN SUMMARY ...

-PDX, brrr it's cold here
-Sans Umbrella - when in Rome ...
-Bob's Red Mill - a theme-parky restaurant for blue-hairs
-Dave's KILLER Bread - did he actually kill anyone, is he in an MC?
-Franz baking - brick walls and wood floors since 1906
-Henry's Bar and Grill downtown - Cheddar Beer Soup & Spicy Hankwurst
-Cargill - big, clean, sterile ... and empty ... HELLO, HEllo, Hello, hello, he ...
-Massacre at the Mall - of all the places in the country, Clackamas, Oregon?
-Nike Employee store - special passes = 50% off, Merry Christmas to me!
-Maher's Irish Pub - gnoshing w/Marc Priebe - Sheperd's Pie & Pork Butt sandwich
-Good bye Lake Oswego - hello tales of Alien encounters - I WANT TO BELIEVE
-Bed time, brrr it's cold here
-Clackamas Bread Plant - hand rolling seeds on a chub of dough
-Fred Meyer stores - is this place a Khol's or a K-Mart or a Supermarket?
-Stanford's Grill - elegant & dim + yummy hot apple-cran cider on a rainy day
-PDX, brrr it's freaking cold here
-Delta Chi connection - secret passwords exchanged at the Oakland Airport
-Back in Oakland - waiting for BART, staring at the landmark of my life: The Coliseum
-Back at home - love to warm my freezing ass, and a Merry Nike Christmas


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