Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Hulk Rage Cage

This oldie but goodie has a lot of sentimental value for me. When I was four, I sliced my right eye open running with scissors, I had surgery and was laid up in the hospital for what seemed like days on end. I wore an eye patch while in the hospital and remember feeling blue, sitting in my hospital bed all day. My relatives all came to visit me and brought me toys and coloring books to keep me entertained. Somebody brought me the "rage cage" and I held on it for many years until it was lost or throw away. Through the magic of eBay, I'm sure I'll have a chance to own the rage cage once again! 

Thanks to Jordan Hembrough from Travel Channel's "Toy Hunters," I'm convinced I can get my hands on this great toy.

Maybe I should buy a nostalgic toy for all of my scars and injuries: stomach scar from surgery when I was a newborn, scar above my right butt cheek from falling on a rusty nail when I was seven, scar on my left middle finger from high school football, scars on my brows from pick up football games in college, and an imperceptible laser scar from having my appendix out a couple of years ago Black Friday. And a tattoo on my ankle ... does that count?


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