Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oh how I hope this is true!

Back in August of last year, Alcon Entertainment producer Andrew Kosove said that there were no plans to bring back Harrison Ford in Ridley Scott's upcoming Blade Runner movie. Whether or not the film is a sequel or prequel has yet to be announced, but the following news may indicate that the movie is indeed a direct sequel to the original film.

Twitch Film has learned that Harrison Ford - who played lead character 'Deckard' in the original 1982 film - has entered early negotiations to join the new Blade Runner installment. As the discussions are still early, it's possible that things won't work out and Ford won't appear in the movie. Still, it can be considered evidence that the film is a sequel to Scott's original film.

In addition, back in November, Ridley Scott himself stated the film was 'liable' to be a sequel. But expect an official announcement for the movie soon, including the revealing of the screenwriter and whether or not it'll be a sequel or prequel.

Be sure to check back for the latest on the new Blade Runner film, which is widely speculated to be Ridley Scott's next project (despite having various other films in the works). Share your thoughts below in the usual place.

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