Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good things come with humility

I have a new car, my first one in 9 years. It feels great to be able to afford the model that I wanted after being in limbo with rental car (or a borrowed car) for 2 weeks.

Flashing back two weeks: the day I interviewed for a Director position at my company, a pair of aggressive buyers showed up with $9,000 in cash to buy the car I've been trying to sell via craigslist. Coincidence? I sold the car, and thought it was a good sign that change was in the air.

Then, I had to prove myself to my company again by sitting down face to face with the top executive in my department in round 2 of the selection process. That was humbling. I prepared by re-focusing my mind on wanting the job for the right reasons, not for my ego. Then came the waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting on pins and needles. Again, I turned to humility, spirituality and thanking God for the opportunities He has afforded me in life.

I was in limbo all the way around: trying to transition between an ego-centric existence to a calm and centered existence; trying to transition for an unfamiliar rental car into a car that I've been wanting for years; trying to transition from a manager into a director at my company.

The day I got the tap on the shoulder to announce my promotion at work, the universe had been dropping subtle clues that change was coming, and that it would be good change. The stars aligned and I bought my new car the next day.

The arduous homework and aggressive negotiations I'd been in at the dealerships paid off. I now had the confidence that I could afford whatever I wanted - even resisting the temptation to buy a foreign luxury car. In the end, it was humility that won out - an American-made car that would serve me well and act as a symbol of my two weeks of limbo and the lessons that I learned.

Now I have a lot of people to thank for my success, most of all: God, Family and Country.