Thursday, June 02, 2011

My 600th Post: leaked Captain America story boards

Very nice!

The storyboards are reminiscent of the classic action ending to Cappy's stint in WWII before he gets dumped into the ocean to be frozen for preservation into the modern day (when the Avengers find him). There are a few differences in that Bucky is nowhere to be found, and the Red Skull is shown triggering the cosmic cube--probably used as a more plausible time travel device than cryogenics. They show Captain America (Chris Evans) boarding a large bomber plane in order to confront The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). The Skull’s goons attack, Cap fights his way to the cockpit of the plane, and that’s where things get good:

1.When Cap approaches The Skull, the villain is in some sort of trance, being bathed in a “screaming light.” This light is directly referenced as emanating from The Cosmic Cube.

2.The Light from the Cube gives The Skull freaky otherworldly visions. There’s direct reference made to him seeing “The Nine Realms.”

3.The storyboards end with the cube “overloading” and blasting a hole through the top of the bomber jet.

There are still plenty of sites still carrying the images, and last we checked Asbury's site is too, so you can still see this if you want to.