Saturday, May 21, 2011

Y: The Last Man, probably my favorite graphic novel of all time

This is a great visual tribute off all the covers, too bad the music is so bad. I suggest mute mode.

Anyway, I could write a 5,000 word essay on why Y: The Last Man is quite possibly the greatest graphic novel of all time. In short: it's relevant, it holds a mirror to society, it is full of interesting facts, it asks the eternal question "Why?" Y is funny, it is sexy, it full of action and best of all, it features the beautiful, colorful, crisp, clean artwork of Pia Guerra. Author Brian K. Vaughn is a genius that has given a great gift to the literary world.

The premise: imagine all males on Earth are wiped out by a plague ... all but one, wise-cracking NYC Catholic guy with a Jewish-sounding name: Yorick Brown. This story is about a man on the run, the last man on Earth, hunted down by women. Fascinating. I just finished reading it and couldn't wait to make this blog entry. If you haven't read a comic book in your life, go and read Y, trust me true believer.

It is the WATCHMEN and the SANDMAN of the 21st Century. It is perfection on a printed page.

'Nuff said.