Friday, January 28, 2011

Marvel Comics reveals its Top 10 heroes of 2010 - guess who is #1?

That's right, it's your boy Steve Rogers, aka, Captain America at the top of the list at No. 1.

Well deserved, Cap!

2010 Opponents: The Red Skull, Norman Osborn, Machinesmith

Year in Review: Most would contend the truly dark days for the Marvel Universe began with the “death” of Steve Rogers, thus it’s only fitting that it took the return of the original Captain America to bring them to an end. Battling back after being stranded in the timestream, Rogers defeated his archenemy the Red Skull yet again, then barely rested and rediscovered the world he left behind before heeding the call, picking up his shield, and heading off to Asgard to bring down Norman Osborn. Under the erstwhile Super-Soldier, the Avengers managed to take out their dark counterparts and re-establish themselves as the world’s premiere fighting force for good. The world without Steve Rogers versus the world with him seems like night and day.