Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I hope this gets to you

As the great Jack Palance used to say: "Believe it ... (heavy breathing) ... or not."

<a href="" target="_new" title="Man creates viral video love letter for girlfriend">Video: Man creates viral video love letter for girlfriend</a>

Whether or not this b.s. marketing in order to sell a song, or if it's really love, it's pretty darn innovative for less than $100 in overhead costs. I was convinced they had to use CGI, but apparently not: - Dude's girlfriend moves across the country from Los Angeles to attend an MBA program at Duke. Dude has realization that thanks to the Internet, distance is relative. Dude — who just happens to live with this band "The Daylights" — decides to capitalize on his realization by posting a digital love letter in the form of a music video on YouTube — but not tell girlfriend about it.

Dude hopes she'll learn about it "organically" — in other words, the rest of the Internet will just start tweeting this or whatever, it'll go viral, and GF will just happen to stumble upon it. Because as we all know via the intricately choreographed and/or edited nerdier-than-thou marriage proposal and wedding save-the-date videos filling up the Internet, you're not really in love these days unless the Internet knows about it — and this case, even before your GF knows about it.

"I got together with my roommates, who are all in a band called The Daylights. I helped write the lyrics. They are tremendous songwriters." (See iTunes link on video.)

"I wanted it to be simple, something really anyone could have done. We shot the video in my buddy's garage on a Canon 5D one Sunday afternoon, and I spent maybe $100 in total, buying black bed sheets and stuff. I didn't want to go overboard, to show that the thought really does count."

Or maybe The Daylights just want to sell a song.