Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Migraines Suck.

Migraines suck. Period. New paragraph.

If you've ever wondered what one looks like, this is a good representation. Imagine your vision is blurred and you have this floating kaleidascope of shapes and colors that gets bigger and bigger.

Haven't had one in so long, then BAM, ... I woke up with one this morning. Couldn't sleep last night. Had to suck it up, take my migraine pills and go to work for an 8 am meeting where I had to present some key initiatives for 2011. I never drink coffee, but they help migraines, so I had a cup and there I was all day, jittery, with a nervous feeling in my gut, feeling like want to puke. Fun times ... should've had some delicious hot chocolate instead. Serves me right.

On top of the run of bad luck I've had lately, now I have a rash which required another $20 trip to the doctor and another $20 in prescriptions. So, if it's not contractors causing water damager at my house, it's a fender bender, or my mortgage lender making my life into a frustrating incovenient paper trail, or a bank opening an account without my permission and possibly leaking my identity, and last but not least, my troll of a tax accountant acting so disorganized and sloppy that he decides to charge me to fill out a simple W4 form when I did all the work, and re-did all the work since he misplaced all my files.

Yay me!

Is it 5 o'clock somewhere? To quote Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries "does anyone care?"