Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dreams ... never quite as they seem

I recently dreamt that I was late to my own wedding, to commemorate my 10th anniversary in the year 2012. Couldn't find a place to shower and shave. Couldn't find my tuxedo. Could't get organized. In the dream, I ended up in a public shower, like a swimming center lockeroom or YMCA. Weird stuff.

What are dreams? Some would say they are your loftiest goals and aspirations for your life. Some would say they are a waste of time. Some would say they are your subconscious telling you truths you can never detect during your waking hours. Some would say they are desires that manifest deep inside the recesses of the mind. Some might say they are the stuff you fantasize and day dream about when you are wide awake, bored with life, distracting yourself from the pain of mediocrity.

I say they are things that can leave you confused or inspired.

The Great Deepak Chopra advises that you can take control of your own life and destiny at any point that you desire - as if the entire Universe will bend to your will. Chopra suggest the Universe has an "on position," that is the physical, waking world with physical rules. He suggests the "off position" is the non-physical world, subconscious world that is wide open without rules. It is in the off position that you can create anything you desire in the entire Universe.

It's interesting premise, eh? What are you waiting for? GET OFF!