Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Appointment TV: PARTY DOWN on Starz

I just discovered Party Down via Starz OnDemand. Nice. If it's good enough for TIME Magazine to call it one of the best shows on TV, it's worth a critical eye ... and halleliuah the critics were right. This show is dope. Imagine you want to make it Hollywood, but you have to work as a server for a food catering company and your co-workers all suck and hate the job: that is Party Down in a nutshell. F'n hilarious.

If you are not instantly sucked in by the awkward-yet-funny co-worker romance between Casey and Henry, then you don't have a pulse. If you ever had a crappy job while you were working on a college degree, waiting for the first big break in your career, or had a bad romance on the job, then you can relate to this Starz original series. The show is filled out by a great cast and some genius characters, like Roman, the painfully sarcastic, comic-book loving, SciFi expert that aspires to be a Hollywood writer.

Strap on the pink bow tie, true believers. This is one is a legit thumbs up.