Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting to the roots

A friend of mine recently told me "don't forget your roots."

It's as if some company that pays my checks, that has a Web site that has some corporate slogans on it has some say in defining my roots as a person. I know he meant well, and he's a great guy that was looking after me as a businessman. But on the realz, what I do is not who I am. This deserved much reflection & exploration.

Pondering my roots took me back home, back to the 'Haystack, to the neighborhood where I grew up. This exercise was a good trip back in time to who I really am. Here's what went down:

Went to my parents house, looked through some photo albums.
Drove around my old neighborhood and remembered growing up, going to Catholic school.
Took a stroll around my old college campus, complete with a lap around the track just for old times sake.
Also took a drive down fraternity row, where I had many a good time, and lamented that all the houses, including my fraternity's house, are now condemned or boarded up.
A walk by Buffalo Bill's brewery and some of the closed down shops on B Street was a reminder that no matter how much things change, they always stay the same.
Later that day, I rode BART to the A's vs Giants game at the Oakland Coliseum, a place that was like a second home growing up. Drinking beer with my brother and cousins was a blast from the past ... and the A's swept the hated Giants.
Then I got to come home to my loving family, the best reminder of what truly matters.

It was all so humbling and reminded me of the people, places and things that I'm truly loyal to. Money and jobs come and go, your roots are forever. Thanks for reminder, Raz'r, you're a good friend.