Sunday, May 30, 2010

California Gurls & Party Girl$ - an iPhone Parody

This first one is a funny parody of Ke$ha:

The second, not an official video, but any time I get to hear Snoop Dog say "no weenies," I'm in. Also, any time I see someone using a banana as a phone and winking, I'm in again!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sound of Silence

Werd. That's what I'm talking about.

Closing the book - THE END

It is finished. One chapter of my life closes, and another swings wide open. It really does feel like a widen open ocean and blue sky on a sunny day. It is quiet and serene ... but it's about to get very busy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting to the roots

A friend of mine recently told me "don't forget your roots."

It's as if some company that pays my checks, that has a Web site that has some corporate slogans on it has some say in defining my roots as a person. I know he meant well, and he's a great guy that was looking after me as a businessman. But on the realz, what I do is not who I am. This deserved much reflection & exploration.

Pondering my roots took me back home, back to the 'Haystack, to the neighborhood where I grew up. This exercise was a good trip back in time to who I really am. Here's what went down:

Went to my parents house, looked through some photo albums.
Drove around my old neighborhood and remembered growing up, going to Catholic school.
Took a stroll around my old college campus, complete with a lap around the track just for old times sake.
Also took a drive down fraternity row, where I had many a good time, and lamented that all the houses, including my fraternity's house, are now condemned or boarded up.
A walk by Buffalo Bill's brewery and some of the closed down shops on B Street was a reminder that no matter how much things change, they always stay the same.
Later that day, I rode BART to the A's vs Giants game at the Oakland Coliseum, a place that was like a second home growing up. Drinking beer with my brother and cousins was a blast from the past ... and the A's swept the hated Giants.
Then I got to come home to my loving family, the best reminder of what truly matters.

It was all so humbling and reminded me of the people, places and things that I'm truly loyal to. Money and jobs come and go, your roots are forever. Thanks for reminder, Raz'r, you're a good friend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm hungry like the wolf

When you're thrown to the wolves, you have no choice but to become like a wolf. The hunted becomes the hunter - his heart and mind open to the call of the wild. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

I feel like Superman ...

... because I get to wear a BIG, RED S on my chest.

Friday, May 21, 2010


The Demon has been exorcised.
It is over, because Ms. Piggy is singing like the fat lady.
Goodbye cloak and dagger, hello sword and shield.
Adios to the porn 'staches and polo shirts.
Bye-bye buck-toothed bumbler.

Closure is a wonderful thing for the soul, don't you agree?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pee-Wee is back! Nice ...

My man, Pee-wee Herman, is now on broadway:

(PLAYBILL) The Pee-wee Herman Show, which played a limited engagement at Club Nokia @ L.A. LIVE this past winter, is heading to The Great White Way. Creator-writer-actor Paul Reubens will again play the bow-tied man-child - the role that made him famous.

The production — inspired by earlier stage incarnations and the cult-hit Saturday-morning TV series that overflowed with subversive humor, delighting kids and adults alike — will begin a limited six-week, 48-performance engagement Oct. 26 at the newly christened Stephen Sondheim Theatre. Alex Timbers, who helmed the Los Angeles run, will again direct. The Broadway run was announced on May 20. Tickets go on sale June 1 at

The Broadway production, officially opening Nov. 11, will feature original music by Jay Cotton and puppetry by Basil Twist. Scott Sanders produces. Performances will play to Dec. 5.

Based on Reubens' 1981 stage production, The Pee-wee Herman Show, with new elements from the CBS show "Pee-wee's Playhouse," is written by Paul Reubens and Bill Steinkellner, with additional material by John Paragon. Directed by Alex Timbers (Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson), The Pee-wee Herman Show will feature music by Jay Cotton and the work of puppetry artist Basil Twist.


It's Kafkaesque, YO!

This phrase, made famous by Breaking Bad on AMC, comes from the author Franz Kafka, and refers to the style with which he wrote his books (which in his dying wish asked for to be burned).

Basically it describes a nightmarish situation which most people can somehow relate to, although strongly surreal. With an ethereal, "evil", omnipotent power floating just beyond the senses. It can also mean: something that is horribly complicated for no reason, usually in reference to bureaucracy.

You go to the city to see the law. Upon arrival outside the building, there is a guard who says "You may not pass without permission", you notice that the door is open, but it closed enough for you to not see anything (the law).

You point out that you can easily go into the building, and the guard agrees. Rather than be disagreeable, however, you decide to wait until you have permission.

You wait for many years, and when you're an old, shriveled wreck, you get yourself to ask:

"During all the years I've waited here, no-one else has tried to pass in to see the law, why is this?",
and the guard answers:

"It is true that no-one else has passed here, that is because this door was always meant solely for you, but now, it is closed forever".

He then procceeds to close the door and calmly walk away.

1980s Flashback Friday: Diamond Girl

Could not find any official video from old Stevie B, but this effort from Bronx Joe will just have to do. Enjoy with a bowl of jello and watch it jiggle ...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1990s Flash Back Friday: Ace of Base

OK, so it's not Friday and this song is not from Ace of Base ... it's from Everything but the Girl. But man, doesn't it sound like it could be from Ace of Base and that lady that just wants to have another baby? Me thinks so.

Tune in soon for another Flashback Friday with "Diamond Girl."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New HALO game trailer ... so sick

Halo Reach: Fall 2010

New Tunes from THE BLACK KEYS: Next Girl

Yo, dig the chubby T-Rex and his harem of questionable lady friends.

The song is good, if you can look past the provocative, 1970s-style imagery.

And now the pimpin' dinousaur croons about the pain and agony of sweet tortured love:

The Black Keys' album, Brothers, drops on May 18th, true believers.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Evolution of Humanity into Superhumans

Boy, I wish I had more time to write about this. For now, just know that humanity is evolving into a higher species.

There are humans out there now that can see and taste sounds, speech and music; they can do complex mathematical formulas and calculations faster than a computer or calculator; they can diagnose illness inside the body via a psychic connection; they can survive in sub-zero temperatures by mentally forcing their body heat to rise; they can paint artwork despite the fact that they are blind without ever having eyes in their skulls. These and others have been documented on TV channels like History, National Geographic and the Science Channel.

Now this, an Indian Yogi that does not require food or water. Where does he he get energy? I postulate he converts sunlight and the positive energy of love and humanity into the fuel for his body.

Ahmadabad, May 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Indian Starving Yogi – Prahlad Jani has managed to create a huge stir worldwide, because he has neither eaten a morsel of food and nor had a sip of water for the last seven decades. He is currently 82 years old, and is managing to create headlines all over the world. The Indian doctors kept him under constant observation for a fortnight at a military hospital. But they were not able to solve the shocking mystery of how he manages to survive. The doctors also had no idea why there were no ill effects from the lack of water and food on his body. They even added that his brain was also mentally alert and could be compared to a 25-year-old person’s brain. And his body was said to be healthier by the doctors than a person who was in his 40’s.

“We still do not know how he survives. It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is,” according to neurologist Sudhir Shah. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the state defense and military research institute had performed the experiment in a bid to find out what makes the yogi tick, but at the end of the experiment they were none the wiser about it.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

This week in Oakland Sports: Braden perfect game

Wow, Dallas Braden had grabbed headlines this week for his one-sided feud with NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez, which was getting kind of sad and pathetic. Now, he's been lifted into baseball immortality by pitching the 19th perfect game in MLB history. Wow, good for him. I take back all my comments about Braden not backing up his talk with his play. For now, he gets a free pass. Congrats to him and his love for his grandma who looked after him after his mom died of cancer when he was in high school. This is a local kid from Stockton (the 209, as he calls it) that has made good, by his mom and otherwise.

Also, the Raiders finally exorcised the demon of JaMarcus-JaBustus-JaWalrus-JaMuffins Russell and his super-bust-sized contract. Thank goodness Al Davis came to his senses and followed the consensus of the Raidernation. I truly feel positive vibes around the Raiders now after the team's off-season moves and solid draft.

Lastly, I hear the Golden State Warriors may finally change their terrible logo and uniforms back to the old school royal blue and yellow of the 1980s and 1990s. I am all for it! As of now, they easily have the WORST uniforms in the NBA.

Sources who have seen the artist rendering of the possible new logo describe it as an updated version of the team logo from the Run TMC era, the new logo will be a circular logo with a silhouette of the new Bay Bridge Tower and the words “Golden State” on the top to the circle and “Warriors” on the bottom of the circle.

With the team up for sale this summer, I really hope that ORACLE CEO Larry Ellison quickly wins the bid, keeps the team in Oakland, finds a big-name head coach and yes, changes the uniforms back to the classic Warriors. While he's at it, why not finally drop the "Golden State" and rename the team the Oakland Warriors? Is all this too much to ask? I don't think so. Long-suffering Warriors fans deserve it all.

So, to summarize: LET'S GO OAKLAND! ... and the Sharks, I guess.

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the mommas out there had a great day.

I hope my babies' momma had a great day yesterday at Jack London Square and Fenton's Ice Creamery. My own momma is off on a cruise somewhere and I hope she's having fun.

Al Davis made me feel like a proud mother this week when he finally cut JaMarcus Russell and his 300-lb slob of a body from the Raiders' roster. Halleliuah.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tara is back! Catch U.S. of Tara on SHOWTIME

I blogged about season one, and now I'm back to belch out a few lines about season two.

This show is still rockin' the bacon the second time around. I am enjoying the further development of John Corbett's husband character, as well as the new alternate personalities for Tara, played masterfully by Toni Collette. The show was created by Diablo Cody, of Juno fame, and it's executive produced by Steve Spielberg himself, so you know the show is well written and well financed.

There's something for everyone in this family dramedy about a hip Kansas couple and its two angsty teenagers ... and many schitzophrenic personalities of the wife/mom, Tara. If you haven't yet, give it a whirl OnDemand on Showtime.

Dig the Napoleon Dynamite-style open credits:

New Appointment TV: PARTY DOWN on Starz

I just discovered Party Down via Starz OnDemand. Nice. If it's good enough for TIME Magazine to call it one of the best shows on TV, it's worth a critical eye ... and halleliuah the critics were right. This show is dope. Imagine you want to make it Hollywood, but you have to work as a server for a food catering company and your co-workers all suck and hate the job: that is Party Down in a nutshell. F'n hilarious.

If you are not instantly sucked in by the awkward-yet-funny co-worker romance between Casey and Henry, then you don't have a pulse. If you ever had a crappy job while you were working on a college degree, waiting for the first big break in your career, or had a bad romance on the job, then you can relate to this Starz original series. The show is filled out by a great cast and some genius characters, like Roman, the painfully sarcastic, comic-book loving, SciFi expert that aspires to be a Hollywood writer.

Strap on the pink bow tie, true believers. This is one is a legit thumbs up.

New Ghost Busters 3 in the works? True or False?

Your boy O-dogg thinks it will happen. I heard Dan Aykroyd say he was working on it on the Larry King Show on CNN. Despire Murray's negativity, there's too much $$$ on the table now that the 2009 videogame version of Ghostbusters has resurrected the franchise.

Bill Murray seemingly has no intention of starring in 'Ghost Busters 3'

It's no secret "Ghost Busters" stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have wanted to make a third installment of their 80s blockbuster for years, but it has always been co-star Bill Murray who's said "no." There were recent rumblings that Murray, who has spent most of the past decade in the independent film world, would finally consent to "Ghost Busters 3." That appears not to be the case.

Speaking to Moviefone while promoting his new dramedy "Get Low," Murray dismissed such reports saying, ""No, it's ridiculous. That's an absolutely -- that's just a horrible rumor. It's like illegitimate children in Antarctica, it's ridiculous.... Mind you, we only made two, and the first one was still the better one, so another one wouldn't seem to be any better. The studio wants to make it because they can re-create the franchise and put new Ghostbusters in it. That's what it's about."
Could Murray be negotiating with Sony Pictures in public for a bigger paycheck or is he really dead set against it? Stay tuned...