Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Memory of Bliss ...

This song takes me back to high school. I wasn't old enough to drive, or shave, and I'd have to rely on my neighbor buddy, Jamie, to give me a ride home from football practice. Those were the days, man. He was on the Varsity team and I was toiling on the 0-8 Frosh Team made up of 50 prep schoolers who had never played organized football before, except for good old Philly Kulp, who played Pop Warner back East.

Jamie had a sweet, light-blue Toyota Celica and we would bump the PM Dawn CD all the way home. I still remember the stink of dirty football pants and mesh practice jerseys that had to be washed and bleached every day. Zits. Braces. Starter jackets. It was all gravy in the 'Haystack.

Some day I'm gonna dig out a photo and post it. I have one in mind that is so hideous it rules: feathered hair, Raiders hoodie, gold chain and a smile that says "Hey ladies, I have a plastic comb in my back pocket."