Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's hope and pray the new Cap movie is better than the last few

OK, true believers. We should have an actor selected soon, so let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. The director is getting a lot of flack for the lackluster results of his newest film, "The Wolfman." I hope he turns those frowns upside down with The First Avenger: Captain America. Avengers, Assemble!
'Nuff said.

I remember this dreck from back in 1991. It was so bad, it went direct to VHS, as it never made it into movie theatres, thank goodness. Even still, I have a bootleg DVD to go along with bootleg DVDs of the 1960s Cap cartoons. I'll never bring myself to buy bootlegs of the Reb Brown Captain America made-for-TV movies of the late 70s, those were too horrible to watch.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fentons Ice Creamery in Oakland - 115 Years of Yummy Goodness

Took the kids to Fentons over the weekend, wow, what a treat. I haven't been there since I was a kid, back when my family would go there after a pizza at Cybelle's down the street. We were motivated to go after seeing Fentons prominently featured in Disney's movie "UP" - and by the way, Pixar Studios is headquartered in nearby Emeryville.

This place is such an Oakland landmark, classic and yet still hip, vibrant and modern. Too cool. If you're ever on Piedmont Ave in the 'town, stop in for their world-famous crab salad sandwich or the best ice cream sundae you'll ever have in your life!

Fentons will make you a TRUE BELIEVER!

Fresh batch of Captain America casting rumors

MTV.COM - SECRET IDENTITY: Grading The 'Captain America' Contenders

If reports are to be believed, the casting race for "The First Avenger: Captain America" has been narrowed down to a select few. Director Joe Johnston and Marvel Studios have asked a handful of actors to test screen for the coveted role of Steve Rogers, hopefully paving the way towards an imminent announcement and ending the long road to Captain America's casting.

The list of frontrunners has prompted a mixed bag of reactions, to say the least. Some fans are enthusiastic about the prospective candidates, while others are less than thrilled. But if this truly is the pool we're looking at, perhaps it would do some good to measure up each possible choice to see whether they have what it takes to wield the shield.

Read on for our assessment of the five allegedly final "Captain America" contenders.

MICHAEL CASSIDY: There's no question that Michael Cassidy has some comic book credibility. He once tested for McG's "Superman," he's had a recurring role on "Smallville," and his character on "The O.C." was the co-president of the high school comic book club. But the actor, solidly built though he may be, has yet to show signs that he can command both an army of soldiers and a full-packed theater audience. If he can step up his acting game, Cassidy wouldn't be a bad choice.

CHACE CRAWFORD: The "Gossip Girl" actor certainly has the leading man status to bring young viewers to "The First Avenger," but I'm not convinced that he's right for Rogers. He has the high class problem of being too conventionally good looking to pass off as Steve during his pre-Cap phase, and he's simply too thin for the super soldier's frame. But given the right mix of make up and bodybuilding, maybe Crawford could work.

JOHN KRASINSKI: Of all the actors on the list, John Krasinski of "The Office" prompts the biggest double-take. This is a far cry from the affable Jim Halpert, a role that's already so established that it's hard to seriously consider him for Cap. That said, who would have ever thought that the guy from "Van Wilder" would wind up as Green Lantern and Deadpool? Perhaps Krasinski will follow the Ryan Reynolds mold and surprise us all as Steve Rogers.

SCOTT PORTER: The former "Friday Night Lights" star and current "Caprica" actor has the perfect look for Steve Rogers. He's a noted comic book lover and he's a solid actor to boot. But like Cassidy, he's just a relatively untested quantity. Still, my gut tells me that Porter has what it takes to lead his own movie and also handle himself opposite Iron Man and Thor in "The Avengers."

MIKE VOGEL: Another relatively anonymous actor, Mike Vogel has a body of action films and thrillers to his name like "Cloverfield" and "Poseidon," but those roles provide little evidence of what he's capable of. Still, Vogel's lack of name recognition could work in his favor. Without any real baggage to speak of, Vogel stands a real chance at transforming himself into Captain America in the eyes of the audience.


O-dogg's take: Go with Scott Porter, he did a real nice job playing a similar character in reverse: an All-America quarterback that gets crippled and uses a wheelchair. He looks the part and could convince me as both Steve Rogers and Cap.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Memory of Bliss ...

This song takes me back to high school. I wasn't old enough to drive, or shave, and I'd have to rely on my neighbor buddy, Jamie, to give me a ride home from football practice. Those were the days, man. He was on the Varsity team and I was toiling on the 0-8 Frosh Team made up of 50 prep schoolers who had never played organized football before, except for good old Philly Kulp, who played Pop Warner back East.

Jamie had a sweet, light-blue Toyota Celica and we would bump the PM Dawn CD all the way home. I still remember the stink of dirty football pants and mesh practice jerseys that had to be washed and bleached every day. Zits. Braces. Starter jackets. It was all gravy in the 'Haystack.

Some day I'm gonna dig out a photo and post it. I have one in mind that is so hideous it rules: feathered hair, Raiders hoodie, gold chain and a smile that says "Hey ladies, I have a plastic comb in my back pocket."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What do Oakland, Michigan and Nudity have in common?

Apparently they all have Dommanic Ingerson in common:

Naked Lake Merritt swimmer played college basketball - at U of M & USF

OAKLAND -- The man who swam naked across Lake Merritt on Wednesday afternoon after stealing from two women in downtown Oakland is a former basketball player at the University of Michigan and the University of San Francisco, police confirmed today.

Dommanic Ingerson, 26, of San Leandro, was taken to the John George Psychiatric Pavilion in San Leandro on Wednesday after swimming about 400 yards across the 50-degree lake and emerging naked. Police said Ingerson jumped into the lake behind the Camron-Stanford House, a historic Victorian in the 1400 block of Lakeside Drive, about 3 p.m. and swam to the 1400 block of Lakeshore Avenue in about 35 minutes.

He was wearing black trunks or shorts when he jumped into the water but had nothing on when he came out, police said.

He was detained on suspicion of robbery and grand theft, but after a doctor's evaluation at Highland Hospital in Oakland, he was taken to the psychiatric hospital for further evaluation, police said.

Ingerson grew up in Oakland and attended McClymonds High School before transferring to Santa Barbara High School, where he graduated in 2001 and once was named "player of the year." He was a nationally ranked recruit when he received a full-ride scholarship to attend the University of Michigan, said his friend Rolando Bonilla.

At the University of Michigan, the guard spent time on the bench.

In February 2002, coach Tommy Amaker said he was "disappointed with Ingerson's play at the end of the Michigan State game," even though the game was out of reach, according to a story in the Michigan Daily. "Ingerson's body language and lack of effort was 'disturbing,' " Amaker said in the story.
In December 2002, he signed a basketball scholarship and transferred to the University of San Francisco. He began playing in the fall of 2003 and left school a semester short of graduation in 2007, a friend said.

Police and those who knew him said Ingerson has had some drug and psychiatric problems.

"I got to know him in college, he was a young man full of promise and unfortunately lacks the stability that so many of us get to enjoy each and every day," said Bonilla, a 32-year-old San Francisco man who met Ingerson at the University of San Francisco.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Man in OAKLAND Represents Like a Mo'Fo

I love everything about this video, shot on an Oakland AC Transit Bus. This old man whips a young punk's arse right on the bus. Reminds me of the fight I saw a Virgin American flight into JFK some months back ... again, it took an old man to break up a fight no one else could stop! Give it up for old guys that are hard as nails ... like Clint Eastwood in the movie, Gran Torino.

The best thing about this is the old guy's fanny pack and t-shirt that reads "I am a mother (frakker)." Priceless.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oakland Represent: WOO-WOO! An oldie, but a goodie

Back before YouTube, my friends and I would watch this over and over via MS Media Player. Anyway, enjoy this old-school vid featuring the nationally famous Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis of Oakland, Calif.

Just for kicks, here's the GI Joe version:

Please vote for my original superhero, The Scrapper @ Kick-Ass Web site

Vote here for The Scrapper: Kick-Ass Movie Contest. If I win, Scrapper could appear in a future issue of Kick-Ass comics, or better yet a sequel to the Kick-Ass movie!

Thanks for your votes, true believers.


Happy Belated Valentine's Day, True Believers

Valentine's Day is probably the only day of the year you can wake up and have a Snickers bar in bed, first thing in the morning, so enjoy.

I hope you are all madly in love ... either with the person of your dreams, or at least with life itself. Whatever the case may be, go out and truly live your life, knowing that love is truly the meaning of it all.

Don't be a Lady Gaga: have a good romance, not a bad romance! Here's my secret: thow a little Barry White into the mix, Barry & Levon style ... AHH YEAH!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The one and only Andy Samberg of Berkeley, Calif.

This guy is on fire with these digital shorts - and in this one, he takes in the um, err ... shorts.Nice tip on this one from a very pretty lady. ;)

Here's another good one with Bay Area flavor, JaMarcus Russell and Frank Gore style:

We like Sportz.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Captain America movie spoilers: costume & villain

Johnston Talks Captain America Costume
Source:Los Angeles Times February 7, 2010

On Saturday, we got a chance to talk to The First Avenger: Captain America director Joe Johnston about the anticipated film and the Los Angeles Times got some more costume, story and casting details from the helmer (Spoilers ahead!).

"The costume is a flag, but the way we're getting around that is we have Steve Rogers forced into the USO circuit," Johnston said. "After he's made into this super-soldier, they decide they can't send him into combat and risk him getting killed. He's the only one and they can't make more. So they say, 'You're going to be in this USO show' and they give him a flag suit. He can't wait to get out of it."

He added that "When he does go AWOL, he covers up the suit but then, after a few things happen, he realizes that this uniform allows him to lead. By then, he's become a star in the public mind and a symbol. The guys get behind him because he embodies something special."

Which leads to a new costume: "In the first USO sequences, the frustrated patriot will be wearing a version that is closer to the classic Jack Kirby-designed costume, but then later as the super-soldier hits the war zone he will be wearing a sturdier, more muted version that he makes himself that is more like battle togs. The stripes across his mid-section, for instance, will be straps, not colored fabric."

You can read more of what he said about the costumes and how many actors they are looking at by going here.

Red Skull Confirmed as Captain America Villain
Source:Ryan Rotten, ShockTillYouDrop

Joe Johnston, director of the forthcoming The First Avenger: Captain America, has been doing press all day out in Los Angeles for his new movie The Wolfman and Managing Editor Ryan Rotten had a chance to talk with Johnston about the movie and what to expect.

Johnston confirmed that the Red Skull will indeed be the villain of the first movie and told Ryan a bit more about why they decided to set the majority of the movie during WWII:

"Virtually the entire story except the bookends are in World War II because we all recognize we have one chance to tell the origin story of how he became Captain America, you can't tell a modern story and then go back and tell the origin story. If you're going to do it, let's do it. Let's do it first. Everyone wanted to tell an origin story. There was a version where it was a modern story and it didn't work."

Hopefully, we'll have more word on Johnston's plans for the movie and answers to some of the many questions that have been on your minds, including the all-important casting of Steve Rogers and what other characters may be appearing in the movie. Johnston did say that they definitely are going for an American actor, preferably an unknown, and they hope to have that person by the end of February.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A sneak peak at CruZader #3!

I am really in awe of my Filipino collaborators, Joel Cotejar and Omi Remalante Jr. These guys are incredible and help bring my dreams, ideas, scripts and sketches to life. Salute their efforts, true believers!

Till it be 'morrow!

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Captain America to be cast soon, maybe by Valentines Day

The First Avenger: Captain America director Joe Johnston told SCI FI Wire that they'll have their Captain America very soon:

"We need to cast it soon," Johnston said. "We have a very short list, but we're still juggling actors here. I'd say within the next couple of weeks we'll have ourselves a Captain America, I hope."

He added that the movie is expected to start shooting at the end of June. He said, "We're getting ready to go to the U.K., it looks like." You can read more of the interview here!

The First Avenger: Captain America is scheduled for a July 22, 2011 release.


O-dogg's take: I've said it before, I'll say it again. Marvel needs to cast a good actor, hopefully a young actor in his 20s, and lastly it'd be nice to have an American actor. I'd be happy with someone like Sam Worthington, star of Terminator Salvation and Avatar. He's not American, but he fits the bill otherwise.