Monday, January 25, 2010

Top Disneyland Observations

10. Every fastfood/gas station bathroom down I-5 does not offer paper towels. They all have that same hot air dryer and same industrial-smelling hand soap. It's an anti-towel conspiracy.

9. Packaged, pre-sliced apples are now the coin of the realm for children's menus across all food service outlets.

8. Disneyland itself has top-notch food, but the lines are outrageous.

7. The one sit-down restaurant worth the wait is "Blue Bayou," inside Pirates of the Carribean. The gumbo alone is worth it ... best I've ever had.

6. Jack Skeleton rules! Last year, Jack merchandise was confined to New Orleans Square, pretty much. Now that famous smiling skull is all over Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney.

5. Speaking of Downtown Disney, it's a cool place to outdoor shop & eat that doesn't require an entrance fee or security checks.

4. Small World is back! And so are VANS shoes! Now I don't feel so silly for rocking VANS all these years when no one else was wearing them.

3. Disneyland and George Lucas' Star Wars franchise have an effective partnership, and I'm wondering if Disney's ownership over Marvel Comics will become just as evident in the theme parks. It'd be really cool ... if they let Marvel have a say over how its characters are used in the park.

2. Space Mountain is still the coolest ride in ANY Disney park, anywhere in the world. For a moment, it lets me feel like I've finally achieved my lifelong dream of space travel.

1. The #1 observation of Disneyland: it is open every day, rain or shine! And people come, rain or shine, or holiday, or any day.