Monday, January 25, 2010

Top 5 Raider Truths

5. Louis Murphy is our #1 guy at WR. Schilens is a solid #2, possesion type of receiver, big target, etc. DHB needs to fall into the role that James Jett had when he lost his job to Jerry Rice: come in as deep threat once in a while when we need to stretch the field, otherwise, leave the pass catching to the professionals.

4. Michael Bush is our #1 guy at RB. What else does he have to do? McFadden is clearly a change of pace guy because he's too top heavy and runs way too upright to be an effective every-down back. Lucky for both guys, more and more NFL teams now use the 'thunder & lightning' approach. The Raiders just have to figure out how to do it right.

3. O-line could be as big a problem as JaMarcus Russell. I've never liked RT Cornell Green. Swapping centers with Miami was a mistake, Satelle is not a legit Raider center in the tradition of Raider centers. Me thinks the Raiders should spend their entire draft on the trenches: a tackle, a center, a back-up guard, defensive line, and linebackers. Period. No more expensive projects like DHB, JR and D-Mac.

2. The Raiders need to start drafting football players again. It's tired and true: Al loves speed, and big bodies and freaks of nature, etc, etc, world without end. Meanwhile, the rest of league is drafting legit NFL players. Which brings me to my next point ...

1. Davis has admitted he needs some help - and that sycophant John Herrera does not qualify. Why hasn't Al found help yet? Because he's getting senile and more paranoid by the minute. He's more Howard Hughes and less Elvis Presley. He can't convince people to put on the eye patch like he used to. How can he afford to burn bridges with people that want to help, like Rich Gannon and Tim Brown? It's truly sad. He doesn't trust anyone, but why not a bold move that still makes sense, even to Al:


Let Madden hire a GM and hire consultants like Brown and Gannon, as he sees fit. Let Madden try to get a Ron Wolf to consult Al during the draft every April. Let Madden be the face of the Raiders so that the league and free agents give Oakland some respect.

It makes too much sense ... but would Madden want to wear the patch one more time?