Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snakes on a plane? Try FISTS on a plane!

I have just witnessed my first fist fight aboard an airplane. To borrow from Peter Griffin: freakin' sweet. The plane landed and there was the usual uncomfortable anticipation before you can wiggle out and grab bags from the overhead compartment. It's a delicate dance to time it just right - you don't want to stand up too quickly, especially if you have the window seat. People get visibly agitated waiting for their turn to grab their stuff and get off the plane ... it's kind of amusing actually. This time, it was extra amusing, to say the least.

I guess quarters got too close and two groups of travelers got on each other's nerves during the overhead compartment tango. A dude and his woman started throwing down with two guys - all the brawlers probably between the ages of 25-35. The less-than-masculine airline attendants were powerless in stopping the battle-for-the-bags. The JFK melee seemed to last longer than the Pacman vs. Cotto title fight last night, it went on for a good while.

What a way to start this trip! It was 7 am Eastern, but still 4 am Oakland time. It got my blood pumping and ready for some sausage and pancakes, mmmm. To borrow from Homer Simpson: mmmm, syyyyyrup. I'm starving. This shuttle ride to the hotel can't go cast enough. Although the Connecticut landscape is fun to look at - all the leaves are red, orange and yellow.