Monday, November 30, 2009

The Appendix Episode

So, it was Black Friday, and there I was at Toys R Us, standing in a line that wrapped around the store. All morning my stomach wasn't quite right and by 2 pm it was getting pretty uncomfortable. Surely, I thought it was just a passing situation due to Thankgiving, beer and playing football the day before.

Not so fast, said my appendix - a part of me I'd never considered until Black Friday.

Needless to say, it needed to get removed, with the quickness. I was admitted to emergency about 9 pm after having spent most of the evening dry heaving and sweating from that funky freezing/burning fever that usually comes with the flu. Anyway, by 9 am Saturday, I was on the operating table and going under. I was on so many meds, all I remember was waking up and they said, "you're all done."

I took a peek down and saw that they took the liberty of giving me a little shave job just below the belly button. I don't know how I feel about that ...

Anyway, I have 3 band-aids, 3 prescriptions and 3 days since I've had a shower. For someone that is used to showering twice a day, I am miserable about it. Oh well, doctor's orders ... which includes no work for a week and no exercise for 30 days! True believers, please pray for me that I don't balloon up to the weight I was carrying before I started working out regularly 2 years ago.