Sunday, October 25, 2009

THE SOUNDS in concert = Kick Arse

I saw The Sounds at the historic Warfield Theatre on Market Street last night. The good news was, it was right off the Powell Street BART station, so it was a nice ride door to door from Pleasanton, practically to the front porch of The Warfield. Weather was perfect, as it usually is with the gorgeous and warm Octobers we get here. The bad news was, frakkin' BART runs the last direct train back to Pleasanton at 12:15 am and we had to leave the show early. Oh well, at least we left on a high note: the last song we saw before making a mad dash for the BART station was my all-time favorite electro-pop-rock song, aptly named "Rock and Roll."

The first two opening acts left a lot to be desired. Foxy Shazam was all gimmicks and no substance; the lead singer danced around like a monkey, ate a cigarette, kicked water bottles around and generally made an arse of himself. Semi Precious Weapons was a grown up version of Foxy Shazam, with less gimmicks, but a lot of 70s glam rock schtick including sheer, golden tights and diamond-studded high-heeled boots. It was very "Battle for Milkquarious," and "Velvet Goldmine," to say the least (both flicks worth watching, btw).

Then, Shiny Toy Guns came out and saved the day with a professional set of legit rock songs, including "Le Disco," which was cool to hear in person. If you ask me, "Major Tom," blew the roof off the place and that's where the show really got religion for the crowd. The lead singer's rendition of this classic gave me goose bumps; she sounded like an inter-galactic pixie, belting out the lyrics Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weighless, calling home ... hoooooome ... ho-oo-oo-oo-ome!

Last but not least, The Sounds came out and rocked the bacon, looking, acting and sounding like a legit headliner. It was sweet while it lasted. We went out on a high, having seen "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake," "Midnight Sun," and "Rock and Roll" all in a row. What a show. Too bad we had to cut it short. Thanks BART.