Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michigan 38, Notre Dame 34 - welcome to NCAA Football, Tate Forcier

Man, I thought Miami beating Florida State on the last play of the game last week was the best game I've seen since Boise State's upset of Oklahoma years ago. Of course I am biased, but Michigan upsetting ND was even better for me.

Freshman QB Tate Forcier was awesome and has probably cemented the job for the next 3or 4 years ... or however long he wants the job. I thought I was amazed by Miami's sophomore QB, JaCory Harris, who is about the same size and just as skinny as Forcier. Both are calm in the pocket and can flat out play the game of football, they both remind me of Jeff Garcia in a way. If only the Raiders' manchild, JaMarcus Russell, had some of the natural instincts of Forcier and Harris ... probably too much to ask for from our 300-lb Baby Huey.

Well, in summary, it's been an awesome ride in college fb, starting with Miami, then followed up with an Ohio State loss, a Cal win and a huge MICHIGAN W!