Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mad Men on AMC: the secret, tortured lives of Barbie & Ken

I caught the very last episode of AMC's Mad Men Season 2 last year, and found it intriguing enough to watch lask week's Season Premier of Season 3. Can't wait for tonight's Season 3, episode #2.

Through the magic of Comcast's HD OnDemand offering, I'm now enjoying each and every episode of Season 2 ... and golly-gee-whiz, how it all makes sense now. Having watched the last show of last season, I was left wondering how and why Betty Draper cheats on her husband, Don. Noooooooow I get it. Wow.

There is an old saying that men "lead lives of quiet desperation," which is very true of the lead character Don Draper. What becomes painfully obvious is that his actions lead poor, quietly suffering Betty down a dark path of lonely desperation. This show makes ABC's Desperate Housewives look like a crappy, cartoonish soap opera.

Mad Men, set in the glory days of 1960s Madison Avenue, chronicles the lives of prim and seemingly proper advertising executives, including their dark and complicated love lives. Imagine an x-rated, technicolor version of Leave it to Beaver and you have Mad Men ... sans swearing and nudity, plus cigarettes. Trust me, this show doesn't neeed swearing and nudity, otherwise it would be on HBO on Sunday nights - it is plenty graphic and yet exruciatingly subtle.

If you subscribe to the addage "misery loves company," then tune in and jump into the lives of this cast of beautiful 1960s characters that are so full of pain and suffering on the inside.