Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Virtual [me] on Xbox Live

This is my avatar on Xbox Live. [Insert gamer tag here] sure is handsome, isn't he?

Well, I must say I like this virtual [me] better than the 'Mii' avatar I have on the Wii, which was deleted by my [relative] and re-created with less-than-desirable results.

Virtual [me] is on his way to the Super Bowl with the [favorite Oakland football team] in Madden 09; saved the galaxy in Halo 3; is fighting corporate oppression of the future in Perfect Dark Zero; kicking arse with a lightsaber in The Force Unleashed and crushing baddies with his shield as [favorite patriotic superhero] in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Wow, when I put it that way, my virtual life sounds soooooooooo exciting ...