Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Captain America: REBORN #1 is off-the-charts good

Wow. I am still reeling from the sit-in-my-car-and-read-a-comic-book-during-lunchtime exercise I just finished. Normally, I wait till I get home at night, or even a few days before I read new comics. Not today. Reborn #1 waits for no man, the O-dogg included.

Let's just say the last two-plus years of writer Ed Brubaker's boring, drawn-out conspiracy theory storylines on the flagship 'Captain America' title have finally paid off. I give credit to the story jumping off the pages of Reborn #1 to artist Brian Hitch, who draws the most beautiful, photo-realistic art you will ever find in a comic book.

I could go on and on, but I'll summarize my enthusiasm for Reborn #1 like this: the appeal of Captain America has always been that he is a man out of time. He's a WWII legend that gets frozen in time, frozen in ice, for decades, and awakens in modern times to a new world he doesn't understand and a cynical world that doesn't understand him and his 1940s values. The more recent incarnations of Captain America have him waking up around the year 2000 - after almost 60 years of inanimation. So, in the current storyline, Brubaker hatches a plot twist that is the literal inverse, the absolute mirror image of the classic man-out-of-time plot device. If you understand what that means, sorry to spoil it for you - if you don't, then do not Google the word "reciprocal."

Reborn is frakkin' brilliant and it finally has me intellectually aroused and ready to embrace anything that brings Cap back from the dead. I am so ready for a re-birth and life after two years of yearning. 'Nuff said.