Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Restaurant Review: Red Coats Pub, downtown Pleasanton

Last time I was here 'twas the night before Valentine's Day and I rolled in with my boys 'round 8 or 9 p.m. We had a few beers and they all ate dinner but I passed because it was too late in the day. Since then, I've been dying to revisit Red Coats and reminisce 'bout the one that got away ... the dinner that got away, that is.

I got my chance yesterday to see what the joint is like more as a restaurant, as opposed to a night spot with karaoke, DJs, cougars and what not. It was a different vibe around 5 o'clock on a Tuesday; there was a good mix of families, cougar prides, business men and bikers. I was there for a business dinner and our party sat upstairs in relative privacy. Dinner was good, but not great - portions were smaller than expected. If you're health conscious, the portions are good, if you're recession conscious, you probably would get better value at a standard sit-down restaurant.

So, I had Cajun Cod & Shrimp with a hot cup of cream o' mushroom. Paired with a couple of cold Blue Moons, I rate the dinner a B-. The atmosphere was comfortable, and as I closely studied the decor, I noticed the place was trying too hard to be swanky without attention to detail. The colored walls had sloppy paint jobs, the fancy flat screens TVs and paintings were hung crooked and the wait staff wasn't too sophisticated or polished.

Would I return? Yeah, but probably not for dinner.