Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) Lives Again!

Yes, Captain America #600 hit the newstands on Monday, but the reality is most shops will begin merchandising this gem tomorrow, on traditional "new book Wednesday." I can't wait to crack into this 100+ pages of goodness. If I am to believe all of the pre-release hype, this issue will set the stage for the re-birth of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers. Killed off by Marvel in issue #25 on March 14th of 2007, Cap has been dead for a good while now, and many are starving for a triumphant return, especially your boy O-dogg.

Here is the purposely vague logline for #600 from the good folks at Marvel Comics:

The Story: Where were you when Captain America died? It's the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U...a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for... or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it's both. Plus, contributions from Cap creators past and present, including a very special essay by Joe Simon, a classic story from Cap’s Golden Age, a full gallery of 600 Cap covers, and more anniversary shenanigans than you can shake a shield at! New and Reprints/Rated T $4.99.