Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Queridos 1980s: Te Estrano Como No Sabes

Oh how I do miss those cheeky 1980s and their wonderful one-hit wonders like Nena (may she rest in peace). One of these days I'm gonna track down Naughty Girls Need Love Too from You Tube and rock the ever-loving bacon out of this here blog.

For now enjoy 99 Luft Balons, forever immortalized by Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Jupiter in Zack Snyder's WATCHMEN. Thank you Zack: the soundtrack rocks the imaginary dream world that manifests itself only when I pound the rotating track on the treadmill at good ole Express Fitness of Pleasanton, Calif.

Speaking of balons and Express Fitness: today I saw a guy blow drying his junk in the locker room. Yes true beleivers, you read that correctly. He stood there, in front of the mirror, in all of his glory, in a squat and just pointed that hot gun right back up where the sun don't shine. I'm so glad I don't use a blow dryer for any reason - just a dollop of hair gel is all I require.