Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comcast SportsNet California is a gift from baseball heaven for the A's

Yes, the Oakland A's have their own channel on Comcast Cable. No more domination of the local airwaves by the crappy baseball offered to the Bay Area by the San Francisco Giants baseball company.

Finally: a divorce of coverage of the A's and Giants. At the Bay Area baseball luncheon today, Comcast SportsNet California announced that they would be broadcasting 145 A's games this year and 75 in high definition exclusively on CSNC.

I've also been told that there will Pre/Postgame Live for most games, as well as the return of "All A's". For Bay Area Comcast customers, Comcast SportsNet Cali will be moving to channel 89 at the beginning of March. Comcast/A's HD channel will be 721.

According to my contact at Comcast, the channel choice of 89 is NOT a coincidence. It's about time the A's have a good baseball deal and don't play second fiddle to that inferior team across the Bay. Celebrate A's fans! It seems like Lew Wolff's goal of getting the A's better radio and TV deals this offseason has been successful.