Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chuck: quite possibly the best opening credits for a TV Show ... EVER

It's too bad that Chuck, which has gotten better as time goes on, is on the chopping block at NBC. Meanwhile Heroes, which absolutely sucks now, is still on for a 4th season, although they will shorten it from 25 to 18 episodes.

Anwyayz, back to Chuck: this show open is cool and still as catchy as the first time I saw it. In this open you get a semi-obscure song from Cake (short skirt, long jacket) and graphics that reeks of James Bond - Casino Royale meets a comic book convention. I really love the cartoon ninja, the skateboarder and the jetpack dude. For a comic book fan, this show resonates well and is authentic. Too bad it'll probably get the axe.