Saturday, April 18, 2009

Re-Post: Who Watches The POSTMEN?

This was too good not to post again and put at the top of my illustrious blog. Don't you agree?
OK, I have been ripped off by the post office - either the British post office, or the U.S. post office. It is an international tale of mystery and intrigue surrounding a certain WATCHMEN pin featuring the familiar smiley face with the ole bean juice: comedic human bean juice.

I went to WonderCon in San Fran and picked up some cool schwag, including two official WATCHMEN movie version pins. I decided to sell one on eBAY, along with the official WonderCon program featuring some Dave Gibbons WATCHMEN art on the front cover. I accidentally mailed both pins to the winner of the auction - a cool cat from England named Matt. I realized my goof and appealed to Matt to return the extra pin, and as a fellow Watchmen fan, he agreed. It was the bees knees of an eBAY transaction, and Matt sent it back on his own dime ... or however much that stamp of the queen cost him.

Soooo, the envelope arrived with no return address and it looked very flat. It looked ripped and taped back together. Sure enough, it was empty. There was a plastic sleeve inside - also empty. The stamp looked international and I hypothesized that it was English Matt attempting to return the extra pin. Indeed it was, and he was as shocked as I was. He thought I was joking, but this is no joke: my rich collection of memorabilia is now sans one official WATCHMEN movie version pin.

So I ask: Who Watches the POSTMEN???