Sunday, February 01, 2009

Watchmen fans: catch "LITTLE CHILDREN" on HBO or DVD, asap!

Whoa. I watched the movie LITTLE CHILDREN to check out the acting chops of Patrick Wilson (who will play "Nite Owl" in Watchmen) and Jackie Earl Haley (who will play "Rorschach") in advance of the Watchmen movie. What I didn't expect was to be blown away by Kate Winslet's best actor performance. The quirky, yet engaging narrative will grip you in an Edward-Scissorhands-kind-of-way; you'll have to see (and hear) for yourself. The ever-present narrator's voice-over gave the movie a hyper-reality, fairytale feeling ... but this was a dark fairytale of love, suburban depression and a child sex offender (Haley). Chilling. Creepy. Enthralling.

Can't wait to see Wilson and Haley portray the Owl and Rorschach on March 6th. Until then: hurrm ...