Thursday, February 19, 2009

United States of Tara is down with Private Label - all four of her!

Sooo, in the latest episode of "Tara" that I caught on the DVR, the daughter, Kate, says to her Mom, Tara(pictured):

"What's up with these ghetto, tore-up cheerios? Why are they in a bag?"

Mom responds: "Because the ghetto cheerios cost $1.50 less and they taste the same."

Hurrah! An inadvertent product placement for private brand Cheerios enjoyed by people guarding their budget all over these here United States of Tara ... err, America.

U.S.of T is a great show. It's intriguing that the husband, Max, has a deal with his wife that he will not have relations with any of her 3 multiple personalities (a horny teen, a 1950s stepford wife, and a male trucker). Max's friend goes so far as to ask him if he would consider relations with Buck, the male trucker. The response from Max is predictable, yet hilarious.

Good job, Diablo Cody.