Saturday, February 28, 2009

I saw the first 20+ minutes of WATCHMEN at WonderCon SF


I think I might have died and gone to comic book heaven today. Watchmen director Zack Snyder was greeted by a crowd of 6,000 roaring fans in the Moscone Center auditorium and he screened the first 20+ minutes of the movie, including: yellow and black movie company logos, The Comedian getting thrown out a window to his death, long open credits with a history of superheroes in the alternate reality of the story, Rorschach's investigation of The Comedian's apartment crime scene, Dan Dreiberg (the new Owl) and Hollis Mason (the original Nite Owl) reminiscing about old times, Rorschach and Dreiberg discussing The Comedian's untimely death and it ended with a sneak peak at Rorschach in jail without his ink blot mask and trenchcoat.

The gorgeous, visually rich footage made the graphic novel come alive in a way that filled in every mental gap between the panels of artist David Gibbons' iconic drawings. It was so beautiful to behold that I almost cried - and I know I wasn't the only one. The fans went nuts over this thing - many were left stunned and breathless by the intensity of this electrifying 20-minute tease. The book is a seminal, unforgettable pillar of American pop-culture and I think the movie will be too, even for those that don't totally get the dense, multi-layered plot. I am so glad that Warner Brothers is promoting the piss out of this movie in every way possible.

Anyway, after the screening, Snyder then introduced Gibbons and the cast - all but Matthew Goode (Ozymandias) made the trip to SF. I wish I could sum up all the answers to the fans Q & A with Snyder and the cast, but I'll leave that to All I will say is that the actress that plays Silk Spectre (Malin Ackerman) came out wearing a skin-tight short black dress that was a very Silk-Spectre-like latex or faux leather. Why she did that, I don't know. The rest of the actors were dressed casual - especially good old "Denny" from Gray's Anatomy (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) - he was funny and very cool.

Well, I could go on and on forever about this experience, but I have to go. Sleep tight, true believers, we're only 6 days away.