Thursday, February 05, 2009

I don't even like to think that al Qaeda doesn't like me

Classic. After a few glasses of booze at a going away party for a director leaving our office, NBC's "The Office" was super classic.

The wifey and I snuggled up with some kettle corn (no dinner at the party, just some skimpy appetizers ... hurrm ... left me hongry ...) and really enjoyed some of these classic zingers:

"I need silence, or Sam Kinison, to prepare (for a presentation)," Michael Scott. Yes! Sam Kinison ... niiiiice 80s stand-up comedy reference. OH, OOOHHHHH!!! Sam K rulez, rest in peace, Sam. Werd.

"Need to get the 'deets' on the woman you are trying to SWOON. Like what CDs does she have? ... FEIST!," Andy "Nard-Dog" Bernard looking in the window of the car of a woman he's trying to take care of bizneh with. He later attempts to work Feist's hit song, "1234," into a conversation with said woman.

"Sugar boobs, Lazy Eye, Black woman," Michael Scott demonstrating how he uses internalized nick names to remember people's real names.

"I don't even like to think that al Qaeda doesn't like me," Pam Beasley talking about Karen (her boyfriend's ex) and how she hates to think that anyone doesn't like her.

Ahhh, so many laughs, so little time ... and kettle corn.