Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome changes in '24' Season 7

Welcome additions in season 7:

Freckle-faced, red-head FBI Agent Renee Walker, former soap actress Annie Wersching
Crazy director from HBO's "Entourage," Billy Walsh, as a clean-cut FBI analyst Sean Hillinger
Jeanine Garofalo ... really? yes, really, as a sarcastic/geeky-cool FBI agent Janis Gold - big upgrade over the Chloe O'Brien character of years past (more on Chloe below)

Welcome changes:
CTU is is done, disbanded
FBI is in, more based in reality

Unwelcome re-treads:
Bill Buchanon from CTU as a rogue agent doing his own thing - meh
Chloe O'Brien from CTU, acting as Bill's only side-kick, yes her crazy/ugly scowl is back

Welcome back-from-the-dead character:
Tony Almeida, much like a soap or comic book character, unexplicably back from the dead, but it's all good, he's a rogue-ish bad ass adding some intenstiy that holds up next to the man-of-the-24-hour, Jack Bauer - still tough on crime, still tough on terror