Saturday, January 24, 2009

Watchmen schwag to start hitting shelves in 6-8 weeks

I've been pretty aroused lately, but now I'm really at attention - 2 supplemental Watchmen DVDs and 2 Watchmen Soundtracks being released in March to coincide by the release of the highly anticipated movie on 3/6/09!

Since the pirate 'comic-within-a-comic' won't be part of the movie as it was in the Watchmen grahic novel, good ole Warner Brothers is releasing the booty a few days before the movie - a full on anime version of The Black Freighter on DVD. I'm still debating between the 'Freigher and this audio-book style version of the Watchmen with voice actors and interactive comic book panels on Blu-ray disc. Hurrrm ... choices, choices.

Then there is the decision to be made between the soundtrack and the original score. More choices. I don't know what to do with myself, I know I want it all, but unlike Ozymandias, I can't have it all. Sucks.

You know what, if someone markets Watchmen watches fo realz, I ain't gonna hold back anymore, se la vi, I'm gonna go for it all ...