Friday, January 02, 2009

Time-Warp Retro 70s McDonald's - too cool

If you're anything like me, you are totally fascinated by institutions, places and buildings that haven't been renovated in decades. Take this spacious, old-school McDonald's for instance. They just don't build like this anymore - it had the most humongous front counter and kitchen area, it had a funky brick gazeebo thing in the middle of the restaurant and its bathrooms were located outside. I photographed the 30-year-old toilet and sink, but I'll spare you those visuals. Anywho, this brown & orange vinyl McDeez totally brought me back to my salad days when bed time was at 9 pm, Nintendo was all the rage and my favorite TV show was ALF. Come to think of it, maybe I'm still in my salad days, except that my bed time is much later and I now keep my action figures stored in their plastic packages.

Okay, so, next time you go into a pizza place that has a big screen projection TV, a gumball machine that sells stickers/prizes and functioning 1980s arcade games, plunk a quarter into "Rampage" and think of your boy O-dogg. I just might be down at Banchero's Fine Italian Food in Hayward - you can find me in the mafia-style cocktail lounge with the mile-long bar counter and its vinyl stools and spacious booths with the golden rivets.