Monday, January 05, 2009

I want to know what you're thinking (pure energy)

It was the summer of 1988 ... my Oakland A's were on their way to the World Series, with my hero - Jose Canseco - on his way to making 40/40 history and an MVP trophy. I was on the verge of junior high and my voice was changing like Peter Brady. Salad days indeed.

My neighbor and friend, Tom, was having his annual summer sleep-over for his birthday. He received a single cassette tape of Information Society's "Pure Engergy," and I was fired up because I'd recently seen the world premier music video on MTV. So the lot of kids did what we knew best: we threw down the boom box on the street and skateboarded our arses off. We had a sophisticated system of little, hand-made wooden jump ramps and a rail slide made of PVC pipe. We must've worn out that old tape - we'd all take turns rewinding or flipping the tape over and over until the lyrics were burned into our pre-pubecent brains.

Over the next two summers we built our own half-pipe in Tom's backyard and we were off to bigger and better things: girls, better skateboards, the Bay Bridge World Series, Super Nintendo and what have you. Still, the summer of '88 was grand - a true time of childhood discovery, including this gem by Information Society.

Thus, "I want to know what you're feeling: tell me what's on your mind," will always be a part of me.