Sunday, January 25, 2009

I ... AM ... SORE - and I'm loving it

A nice little Sunday today. This morning I did the thing I love to do more than anything else: play football. When considering Maslow's hierarchy of needs, there is no doubt that I am at the climax of the triange when I am playing with the pigskin - totally self actualized. I didn't play anywhere near my 3-touchdown standard today, but I don't care, it was fun in the sun that beats a treadmill and naked guys in the locker room at the gym any day. Of course when you don't play the sport of kings for a while, it'll leave you pretty sore until you get a couple of games under your belt - but it is worth it. It's like a quirky old Cal State Hayward psychology professor used to tell our class: "sometimes, it hurts sooooo good."

So, I followed up football by finally installing the Wii Fit at my house - we've had it under wraps for a week and decided today would be the day to rock it. I didn't know what to expect, but man, I am SO impressed. This combination of the Wii and the balance board is the very definition of innovation - regardless of the industry. To use colorful, kid-friendly graphics and cartoonish Mii characters to encourage posture, balance, limber muscles and strength is really amazing. On top of classic yoga and plyometrics, you can go running, ski, slalom, head butt soccer balls, walk across a tight rope, hoola hoop and tons of other stuff. My daughter seems to enjoy it as much as my wife, each for their own reasons, but working toward the same benefit: a fit, balanced body. The only thing I didn't like was that the cheeky Wii assessed me as 40 FRAKKIN' YEARS OLD in 'Wii Years.' I am SO butt hurt over that. I'm going to kick that Wii's ass and meet every weight and BMI goal it charts out for me. The gauntlet has been thrown: my Mii Avatar is gonna be the slimmest, sexiest thing you ever laid digital eyes on.

Well, after football and 'Fit, my body is begging for a massage - I don't suppose the good peole at Nintento have figured out how create some hardware and software that simulate a nice, deep, slow massage. Until then, I'll have to imagine that massage until the virtual world produces a good alternative. Spreaking of which, my dentist supposedly has a massage lady and I wasn't even offered one last week. HURRM ...