Saturday, January 17, 2009

The FRAK is back!

Wow, after months of anticipation, January 16th finally arrived! The season premier of Battlestar Gallactica - its final season. Frak me, it did not disappoint.

Put the kids to bed, went to the gym and hurried home to sit glued in front of the now obsolete 1080i HDTV. Our heroes discover a wasteland of a post-nuclear holocaust Earth and it devastates the band of humans that are perpetually lost in space. So much so, that one of them commits suicide mere moments after seemingly repairing her relationship with her estranged husband. Shocking. Powerful. Gripping. Tragic.

The fifth and final cylon is also revealed in the season premier, but it was not as jaw-dropping as seeing a main character suddenly shoot her brains out. There were hints that our lead female, Starbuck, could also be a cylon - and in the end, it could turn out that ALL of the humans we know and love are skin-job robots. We'll have to keep tuning in to find out, true believers.

In the meantime, enjoy the frak out that premier. Some powerful acting in there from Eddie J. Olmos as he gets drunk and puts a gun to his own head in confronting his grief over the shocking suicide. What a Friday night treat this was, it was nice to be taken on a ride to a galaxy far, far away ... even if it was our own post-apocalyptic planet.