Monday, December 22, 2008

Under-rated bands part three: The Cranberries

I know what you might be thinking: how could The 'Berries be under-rated? Here is my logic: they were once on top of the world, #1 hits and all, but where are they now? Why haven't they stood the test of time, like Madonna, or Sheryl Crow, or even relative newbie Gwen Stefani? Perhaps it is because the band didn't re-organize itself as "Dolores O'Riordan." At one point No Doubt gave way to Gwen, right? The Tuesday Night Music Club gave way to Sheryl. Madonna took what she wanted from the get go, but you get my drift. Fergi, Justin Timberlake, and on and on, the vocalist splits off from the band for the sake of longevity. Dolores never went that route and with no new material, you rarely here The 'Berries on Top 40 stations any more. Now you only hear them primarily on those adult contemporary stations like Star 101.3, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, of all people. Barf.

It's sad. The 'Berries were a legit rock band from Ireland. What a heritage they had. What a following they still have, even though they are no longer recording. Here's to hoping that they re-group under the banner of Dolores O' and take their rightful place atop the music charts once again. Who knows, maybe I am just waxing nostalgic for the great memories I have of The 'Berries from back in the day.

So, I must ask: do you have to let it linger?