Wednesday, December 03, 2008

An Open Letter to Naked Guys in the Gym:

Please, stop the madness! Cooling off your wet, unsightly bodies in the gentle breeze of sterile, gym-locker-room air is really frakkin' heinous. I've noticed two types of offenders at good ol' Express Fitness: older dudes and first generation dudes - of course there is the dreaded combo of older, first generation, way-out-of-shape dude.

Maybe it's me, but I like to USE the shower curtains on the odd occasion that I cleanse myself on those horrible rubber mats in the gym showers. My naked friends at the gym don't seem to believe in curtains, or the tried and true towel-around-the-waist.

Listen up naked guys: no one wants to see your privates, no matter how secure you are with yourself. Wrap that rascal and get your clothes on, and while you are it: quit hoggin' up all the precious bench space.

I usually like to supplement my blog entries with photos and videos ... howerver, the Blackberry Storm will not be infiltrating the scariness that is the men's locker room @ Xprs Fit'. 'Nuff said, horrified believers.