Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Watchmen Featurette: 4 minutes of visual goodness

The O-dogg Blog highly recommends you watch this video in "high quality," go to if you have to. Enjoy!

I pray that Fox and Warner Brothers settle their lawsuit over who gets to distribute the movie soon. All I care about is this movie coming out on time on March 6th. If it gets delayed I may have to rally those real-life superheroes I keep reading about to do something about this. Adios, amigos.

Real Life Superheroes? But who watches the watchers of the watchmen & other comics? These people do!

Werd. These are what I call TRUE BELIEVERS. 'Nuff said.

More from the 'net:
Real life superheroes in the news
Posted by David Pescovitz, December 29, 2008 8:10 AM

Articles in Rolling Stone and The Sunday Times this month introduce us to real life superheroes, basically vigilantes in spandex with names like Terrifica, Mr. Invisible, Master Legend, and The Ace. From Rolling Stone:

Although Master Legend was one of the first to call himself a Real Life Superhero, in recent years a growing network of similarly homespun caped crusaders has emerged across the country. Some were inspired by 9/11. If malevolent individuals can threaten the world, the argument goes, why can't other individuals step up to save it? "What is Osama bin Laden if not a supervillain, off in his cave, scheming to destroy us?" asks Green Scorpion, a masked avenger in Arizona. True to comic-book tradition, each superhero has his own aesthetic. Green Scorpion's name is derived from his desert home, from which he recently issued a proclamation to "the criminals of Arizona and beyond," warning that to continue illegal activities is to risk the "Sting of the Green Scorpion!"

From The Sunday Times:
In recent weeks, prompted by heady buzz words such as “active citizenry” during the Barack Obama campaign, the pace of enrolment has speeded up. Up to 20 new “Reals”, as they call themselves, have materialised in the past month.

The Real rules are simple. They must stand for unambiguous and unsponsored good. They must create their own Spandex and rubber costumes without infringing Marvel or DC Comics copyrights, but match them with exotic names – Green Scorpion in Arizona, Terrifica in New York, Mr Xtreme in San Diego and Mr Silent in Indianapolis.

They must shun guns or knives to avoid being arrested as vigilantes, even if their nemeses may be armed. Their best weapon is not muscle but the internet – an essential tool in their war on crime is a homepage stating the message of doom for super-villains.

"The Legend of Master Legend" (, "Amateur crimefighters are surging in the US" (

Check out more @

New Year's Resolution 2009

True Believers, here is what I publicly pledge for the year ahead, ahem: less stress, and much more bedroom dancing.

I'm in the sky when I'm on the floor
The world's a mess and you're my only cure
There's no time for me to act mature
The only words I know are "more, more" and "more"

No one to criticize me then
No one to criticize
No one to criticize me then
No one to criticize

There's no fear when I'm in my room
It's so clear and I know just what I want to do
All day bedroom dancing
To you I wanna say
You're my thing

You teach me (x 4)
You only teach me wisely
only show me why

The lyrics courtesty of the one and only Le Tigre, the inappropriate video is courtesy of chaneljoco on YouTube. Enjoy (yes, I know, it's the second time I've posted this vid, but I am such a honk for Le Tigre and I love the vocals). Give the video 30 seconds before the music kicks in.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas, my little munchkins

Hope you are enjoying your new Nintendo Wii and all of your other toys. Beautiful photograph courtesy of my lovely wife, Stacy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Under-rated bands part three: The Cranberries

I know what you might be thinking: how could The 'Berries be under-rated? Here is my logic: they were once on top of the world, #1 hits and all, but where are they now? Why haven't they stood the test of time, like Madonna, or Sheryl Crow, or even relative newbie Gwen Stefani? Perhaps it is because the band didn't re-organize itself as "Dolores O'Riordan." At one point No Doubt gave way to Gwen, right? The Tuesday Night Music Club gave way to Sheryl. Madonna took what she wanted from the get go, but you get my drift. Fergi, Justin Timberlake, and on and on, the vocalist splits off from the band for the sake of longevity. Dolores never went that route and with no new material, you rarely here The 'Berries on Top 40 stations any more. Now you only hear them primarily on those adult contemporary stations like Star 101.3, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, of all people. Barf.

It's sad. The 'Berries were a legit rock band from Ireland. What a heritage they had. What a following they still have, even though they are no longer recording. Here's to hoping that they re-group under the banner of Dolores O' and take their rightful place atop the music charts once again. Who knows, maybe I am just waxing nostalgic for the great memories I have of The 'Berries from back in the day.

So, I must ask: do you have to let it linger?

Life As A Treadmill

An original stream of consciousness by O-dogg.

My feet are pounding on the endless track of rotating rubber. My legs are keeping pace with the prescribed 7.5 miles per hour, and then, as if hypnotized, my mind starts to drift ... my eyes defocus ...

The rythm of the treadmill is in perfect concert with the rythm of the people on the eliptical trainers in front of me. Further down, the motions of a man pulling on cables adds to this symphony of sweat and pain. Way in the background, the giant glass windows reveal the kick-boxers in the aerobics studio, acting as the dancers in this cacophony of machinery and iPods.

I am in a trance, like a zombie workin' on his fitness. My body is working hard, my mind is hardly working. I am transported to another place in time and space. It's like my own private portal to another dimension; I am teleported by the sweet sounds coming from my headphones: The Concretes, The Cranberries, The White Stripes, The Ting Tings and on and on.

If Morpheus were to suddenly appear, floating over the row of treadmills, and offered me the red pill, I would swallow it faster than you can say "Nebudchadnezzar." I believe there is a very deep rabbit hole that exists under the treadmill ... I wonder if they serve Hefeweizen with lemon down in the rabbit hole? Only one way to find out: take the headlong dive into the unknown - but don't forget to wipe down your equipment before you make the leap.

Friday, December 19, 2008

SF Examiner covers The CruZader

You can check out the link to Tony R. Rodriguez's article here:

SF Examiner CruZader Article

I very much look forward to sitting down with Tony for a more in depth interview and profile about my work. Keep your eyes peeled, true believers!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

THE END IS NIGH! Watchmen Videogame

This will be a truly innovative game in that it will be downloadable via Xbox Live and it will be episodic. Genius. Much like a Web comic, this will be totally digital and available in chapters - there will be no going to the store to buy a disc, take it home and play it on your console.

I wasn't on xbox live before, but you can bet your Rorschach mask that I will be now.

Speaking of Watchmen, did anyone see the awesome 5-minute infomercial about the movie prior to watching the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace? More on Quantum later, but the infomercial was awesome, it had an interview with director Zach Snyder with movie footage and actual panels from the graphic novel overlaid.

More on Quantum of Solace when I get a chance, all I can say for now is: Versper Lynd lives ... sort of.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Under-rated bands part two: 311

I don't know if 311 ever really had any hits after this one, but this one alone has been good enough to keep them around in the minds of many, even if they've gone the way of The Divinyls, Suzanne Vega and The Pretenders.

The obvious thing to do in a quasi-pop-culture blog like this would've been to post about "Human," by The Killers ... but I seldom like to do the obvious, or conventional thing. Maybe some day, in the nebulous *future*, I shall wax philosphic about The Killers and their human/dancer song, but not today true belivers. Not today. Today, 311 gets its much deserved day in kangaroo court.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Summer Heights High on the one and only HBO

Tune in to this one Sunday nights, friends. It make take a couple of re-runs from your HBO OnDemand library to get into Summer Heights' but it'll be time well spent.

The show is worth tuning into for the comedy stylings of one hip-hoppin', break dancin', foul-mouthed Jonah Takalua. Jonah is played brilliantly by Chris Lilley, who also plays the stuck up private school exchange student Ja'mie and the ultra gay drama teacher, Mr. G.

If you're down with New Zeleand's Flight of the Conchords on HBO, you'll be down with this. Enjoy - and I hope to see you in the audience at the Gregson Peforming Arts Center for the opening of "She's a naughty girl with a bad habit."

An Open Letter to Naked Guys in the Gym:

Please, stop the madness! Cooling off your wet, unsightly bodies in the gentle breeze of sterile, gym-locker-room air is really frakkin' heinous. I've noticed two types of offenders at good ol' Express Fitness: older dudes and first generation dudes - of course there is the dreaded combo of older, first generation, way-out-of-shape dude.

Maybe it's me, but I like to USE the shower curtains on the odd occasion that I cleanse myself on those horrible rubber mats in the gym showers. My naked friends at the gym don't seem to believe in curtains, or the tried and true towel-around-the-waist.

Listen up naked guys: no one wants to see your privates, no matter how secure you are with yourself. Wrap that rascal and get your clothes on, and while you are it: quit hoggin' up all the precious bench space.

I usually like to supplement my blog entries with photos and videos ... howerver, the Blackberry Storm will not be infiltrating the scariness that is the men's locker room @ Xprs Fit'. 'Nuff said, horrified believers.