Monday, June 16, 2008

Cowabunga: Ninja Turtles Movie Rocks

I was pleasantly surprised by the new CGI TMNT movie that I discovered on Comcast OnDemand. Very nice CGI - if the new Star Wars CGI movie is as good or better, it's gonna rock the bacon ... big time. The CGI looks pretty photo-realistic, yet still has a cartoony anime quality that allows you to enjoy it on a level between live action and 2D cartoon. Very nice.

I loved watching Michaelangelo skateboard his way home through the sewers and tunnels underneath New York. He pulled of some sick kickflips and insane tail slides all while avoiding subway trains and giant fan blades.

The eyecandy and action were awesome, but the story wasn't bad either. This was a nice find on a Saturday afternoon.

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