Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Captain America lives again!

Well, he's back. My favorite fictional hero was killed off and now the editorial team has given his uniform to another man ... and a new uniform. It's clearly still Captain America, still recognizable. The shield is unchanged - the stars and stripes still intact. I could've done without the wings on the head and the buccaneer boots, but hey, gotta keep some details the same, I guess.

No doubt millions of fans will scream and rant about the change. The uniform change was going to happen eventually ... there is a Captain America movie coming out within 2 years and the old uniform just wasn't going to cut it on the silver screen.

I wouldn't mind this so much if Marvel Comics would've kept the original man under the mask, Steve Rogers, around. Instead they've killed him off and given the mantle to Steve's old WWII partner, James "Bucky" Buchanon. Problem is Bucky was supposedly killed during WWII and now he's back, brainwashed, with a cyborg robot arm. That's my problem - what's more believable, bringing Steve Rogers back, or robot-psycho-Bucky back?

One other thing ... man, that new suit is shiny ...

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