Thursday, October 04, 2007

I will buy a new game console just for this game

LucasArts' latest and greatest Star Wars offering will get my ass into a retail store to buy an Xbox 360 or a Nintento Wii ... I just know it.

When LucasArts launched Rogue Leader, I snatched it up along with a GameCube the very day it was available. No regrets to this day - and I can feel it in my bones with this new game that promises to let you "kick someone's ass with the Force." I'm leaning toward a Wii for the fanboy wish fullfilment of waving the wand around to simulate lightsaber combat.

Although the 360 is now mod-able and could give me great flexibility with burned games and software/hardware applications, "Unleashed" is one of those games that is worth buying a console for even if it was the ONLY game available for that platform. I give the Wii the edge due to the wand-ability. I think of it as buying a full-size arcade game for my garage - totally worth it!

For years and years I thought Lucasfilm was making a big mistake by not exploring the fertile storyline of Darth Vader between Ep. III and Ep. IV. This game addresses some of that gap in time with another of my musings: a secret apprentice for the iconic man in black.

BTW, a Google search for TFU offers some pretty racey CG pix of a woman (Avalon) that I will assume will show up in the game. Let's hope she has more clothes on when she does make her appearance in this next-gen gem.

I'll stop now: this game will deliver all that I need from a TOTAL entertainment perspective. 'Nuff said.

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