Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why not a '1984' Movie Re-Make?

Back in the 1940s George Orwell wrote 1984 - a story about an oppressive future where the Big Brother Government watches your every move and controls your words and thoughts. It is the basis of inspiration for movies like V for Vendetta and The Matrix.

There is a black and white version from the 1950's kicking around somewhere, but it's time for an up-to-date Hollywood Blockbuster adaptation. Why not? Tons of releases these days are remakes - and this one would sell.

I love these types of "bleak future" flicks in the vain of 'Vendetta, The Matrix, The Island, Johnny Neumonic, Judge Dredd, Bladerunner, Mad Max, THX 1138 and the one that really blew my mind: A Clockwork Orange.

Here's to anarchy on the streets and a good old-fashioned garbage can fire in a back alley full of hobos. After all, it wouldn't be a bleak future without garbage can fires to warm the opressed masses!

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