Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why not a '1984' Movie Re-Make?

Back in the 1940s George Orwell wrote 1984 - a story about an oppressive future where the Big Brother Government watches your every move and controls your words and thoughts. It is the basis of inspiration for movies like V for Vendetta and The Matrix.

There is a black and white version from the 1950's kicking around somewhere, but it's time for an up-to-date Hollywood Blockbuster adaptation. Why not? Tons of releases these days are remakes - and this one would sell.

I love these types of "bleak future" flicks in the vain of 'Vendetta, The Matrix, The Island, Johnny Neumonic, Judge Dredd, Bladerunner, Mad Max, THX 1138 and the one that really blew my mind: A Clockwork Orange.

Here's to anarchy on the streets and a good old-fashioned garbage can fire in a back alley full of hobos. After all, it wouldn't be a bleak future without garbage can fires to warm the opressed masses!

Monday, September 18, 2006

al Qaeda has nukes in the U.S. says Paul Williams

PUBLIC ENEMY #1 - a sleeper cell of one - Adnan el Shukrijumah - the biggest threat to the U.S. with the ability to carry out attacks on his own, with minimal support from al Qaeda's top brass.

Well-known al Qaeda watchdog Paul Williams says al Qaeda has nuclear weapons inside the U.S. - with plans to attack 7 cities (New York, Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and D.C.), in a "Nuclear Hell Storm" or "American Hiroshima."

True believers, it is a time of true vigilance as these crazed, mad-dog al Qaeda killers will stop at nothing to destroy us. We must be equally disciplined and dedicated if we are to defeat this insidious enemy that takes advantage of the liberties of the U.S. to attack us from within. Remember the outrage and anger of 9/11 and awaken the unbending yearning for justice within you.

Prepare for the worst, but pray for the best - this humble writer begs you.

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Eat it Notre Dame: U of M whipped your arse 47-21

Ah how sweet it is to be a Michigan Wolverines fan today after witnessing that ass-whipping in South Bend, Indiana in front of all those obnoxious ND fans.

Indeed it is sweet revenge for the last couple of years of bad losses and bad seasons. The last time the Michigan team went 8-4 in back-to-back seasons, it came roaring back in 1997 to win the National Championship with keynote wins over Penn State, Ohio State and Washington State. Here's to another 1997-like season, even if it doesn't lead to the National Title, I'll take a win in the Rose Bowl any time.

Mark your calendars Ohio State ... the maze and blue is coming!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Nellie's back, A's are rolling - life is good in Oakland

Don Nelson is back to coach the Golden State Warriors - playoffs, here we come. Art Shell is back with the Raiders. Billy Bean and Ken Macha both reversed field to return to the A's in recent years. Life is retro and life is good!

Here's my sports wishlist:

Bring back the Warriors uniforms from the 1990's RUN TMC era.
Re-name the team to reflect it's proud city: The OAKLAND Warriors.
Bring back my boy from Michigan, Chris Webber, to mend the fence, play a few years and retire a Warrior.

Jeff George should be released and never allowed back in the NFL.
Marcus Allen should sign a one-day contract to retire a Raider for life.

Same for Jose Canseco and Rickey Henderson retiring as Oakland A's.
If the A's win the World Series, Miguel Tejada and Jason Giambi should beg back into Oakland at reduced salaries. Boston can keep Johnny Damon and Keith Foulke; Chicago deserves to keep Jermaine Dye.

If only I could fix Mike Tyson's woes and all of my heroes would be whole again.