Friday, August 25, 2006

bin Laden a Playboy toting, MacGyver-loving, raping INFIDEL ... errrrr, I mean terrorist?

What ... the ... #$*& ???

LONDON, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- A Sudanese writer who claims she was Osama bin Laden's sex slave says the terror mastermind once had his sights set on U.S. singer Whitney Houston.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that Kola Boof, born on the Nile River in Sudan, claims to have been held prisoner for four months in a Moroccan hotel some 10 years ago where she was raped by al-Qaida leader.

She wrote in her autobiography, "Diary of a Lost Girl," which was excerpted in Harpers' Bazaar magazine: "He told me Whitney Houston was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen."

She said bin Laden was "obsessed" with the singer and considered killing her husband, Bobby Brown.

"Whitney Houston's name was the one that would be mention constantly," the Mail reported.

Boof also says bin Laden not only read the Koran, but she came across Star and Playboy magazines in his briefcase. His favorite television shows, she claims, were U.S. series "The Wonder Years," "Miami Vice" and "MacGyver."

What's next - he collects comic books and lightsabers, giving me and ol' OBL more in common than me and my co-workers? Me thinks this story is a fake. Why? What good infidel-hating terrorist is gonna be all into "The Wonder Years?" I mean come on - MacGyver and Miami Vice have action value ... but Winnie Cooper? This story is B.S.

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